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Vidocq le masque et la plume

Pour les français ou francophones, ce n'est pas nécessaire de présenter les personnages dans cette série télé, vous les connaissez,  n'est-ce pas ?! Mais pour les anglophones, donc, l'explication et la présentation en anglais.

These photos (above and below) depict the different characters in a TV-series about Vidocq, a former convict who has become a detective. We are situated in Paris during the 19th century and Vidocq has actually existed.

He lived between 1775 and 1857 and had been a criminal and criminalist but he also became the founder and first director of the crime-fighting organisation Sûreté Nationale (National Security) and the head of the first known private detective agency. He is regarded as the "father of criminology".

His former friends among the criminals look upon him somewhat as a traitor and the official police and other authorities doesn't trust him at all - at first.
He gathers around him some colourful people, with different backgrounds and skills and on these photos you can see some of them. 

In the above photo raising their glasses we see (from left to right):

Vidocq, Dolores, Marcelin, Dominique Le Corse and La Colère. Associated with them is the man in the middle below (between Marcelin and La Colère): Larousse, an inventor, being imprisoned but with a lot of privileges granted to him.

In this episode the daughter of a well-known banker is kidnapped and the police is to some extent corrupt whereby Vidocq starts his own investigation, at the same time founding his agency.
Of course he succeeds where the police fails and on the way he falls in love with a nun, get shot at by a mysterious female serial killer who wants to take his life, the bullit hitting the nun instead of him.

Well produced and quite an interesting series with classical suspense and adventure.

(All photos copied from: http://www.tf1.fr/vidocq/photos/vidocq-le-masque-et-la-plume-5810560.html)

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