måndag, maj 10, 2010

V for Vendetta

This film - V for Vendetta - is adapted from David Lloyd's graphic novel with the same name, a novel I (and Aurore) read a year ago in connection with the Small Press Expo in Stockholm.

This is a story about the mysterious V (Hugo Weaving), a freedom fighter using violent means to fight the oppressive and fascistic society England has become, ruled by the dictator Adam Sutler (John Hurt).
In doing so he is wears a mask resembling Guy Fawkes, a freedom fighter during the 16th century in England, wanting to restore the catholic monarchy and in doing so he tried to kill king James I. He was captured when guarding the gunpowder he and his accomplices wanted to use in order to blow not only the king away but also the parliamental building.
He was caught the 5th of November 1605 and the plot became known as the Gunpowder Plot.
In this film the V of course symbolizes both Vengeance, Victory and also alluding on the date and year (in latin) Fawkes was captured.

He rescues a young woman - Evey Hammond (Nathalie Portman) - when the security police tries to capture her for some offense.
She becomes fascinated by this figure and they now cooperate in order to overthrow the tyrrant but throughout this 'journey' she again and again asks herself why she actually do this and who V really is.
She lost her father and mother when they were captured and killed by the security police and could this be her father - or mother or is it someone else? A man or a woman or neither one of these options.
Later on V tells the story about his/her life and the experiments he has been sujected to but she still can't find out who this character is and there is no question what so ever of removing the mask.

We both thought that the adaptation to the movies was very succesful and remembering the cartoon, we could see that the director had read it carefully and even captured the ambiance in this story.
The directors name: James McTeigue.

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