fredag, december 31, 2010

New Year in New Zealand

As always New Zealand starts the celebrations before us in Europe and elsewhere.
A private video:

onsdag, december 29, 2010

Lobbying and Climate Change (GW)

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I read an article in a Swedish newspaper (Svenska Dagbladet) written by Magnus Westerstrand, doctoral student within geochemistry and blogging at the site concerning the enormous sums of money being spent by the oil- and gas industry on lobbying and political donations, in order to diminish the alarm rapports concerning the Global Warming and the human impact on this phenomena.

Since 2004 The Centre for Public Integrity has documented and estimated the amount of money spent on lobbying and political donations - between 2004 and 2010 - to around 365,3 million US$.

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This in order to influence the politicians and decisions makers not to listen to carefully to those scientists saying that there is a major problem with Global Warming and that we humans are the main source of this negative development.

Exxon and Koch Industries are two multinational companies spending a lot of money on think tanks trying to diminish the problems with the climate issue.

The reason for this is - as always - money.

The International Energy Agency estimated recently that the efforts to decelerate the Global Warming with about two degrees, would in 2030 reduce the demand for oil from 105 million to 89 million gallons per day. With a prize of about 70 US$ per barrel the revenues would be reduced by many hundred million US$ each day.

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The lobbying organizations tries to discredit scientists, their results or claim that the methods are not yet fully developed wherefore one can't predict anything for certain.

The tobacco industry worked in the same way when results from scientific work started to display the enormous disadvantages with smoking. They did not succeed however.

Of course one can always state that scientists on 'the other side', that is to say those who claim that the Global Warming exists and mainly is caused by humans, are no angels or independent persons either and of course they have a lof of financial support from different organizations, with an interest in proving that the GW is caused by humans.

However one have to ask oneself who is to be trusted and the fact is that the only arguments those negative to the results of scientific work displaying the impact of humans on the ecosystem can present is economical.

That is to say, they fear that the rich world no longer would be able to overconsume as has been the case not least since the end of World War II. I can't see no other reason to their arguments.

When it comes to the environmental questions, the most important issue is not to prove whether or not the GW is caused by humans but the important and crucial questions is very basic:

The way we live today in the economically developed world, is this the best and optimal way to live in order to promote a good environment and a good health for humans and all other living things? Those answering this question with yes, do have a very narrow minded approach to this question as the obvious answer is no! We do not live in a way that promote a good environment or a good health, neither for humans nor for other living creatures.

We have to start there and the only obstacles are the multinational companies, banks, financial institutions, corrupt politicians, corrupt lawyers, corrupt decision makers on different levels and so forth.

As soon as we are able to controle these different representatives for various interest groups, we should be able to go forth in a much more decisive way.

The engagement from the public in different countries is of course needed and in this case it's important that people lift their eyes above the immediate egoistic needs and looks ahead in to the future, realizing that we will be able to live very good lives without consuming the amount of products we are consuming today.

In the developing countries the arguments are different of course. Their one can't understand wy The West - or the economically more developed countries - should deny them the same standard. In this case politicians, scientists and the public have to cooperate and as politicians sometimes say: It's a pedagogic question, not so easy to solve but very important to find a solution to.

tisdag, december 28, 2010

Sudanese policemen violates a woman

Most of you have probably seen this video from Sudan with a Sudanese woman who are being
whipped in public by two policemen, who on the same time laugh and obviously find it amusing and entertaining!

In this reportage she is said to be accused of wearing trouser under her burqa or niqab and this is - according to the Sharia laws in Sudan - regarded as being offensive.

All over the world - and during the course of time - women have gradually become more liberated and able to decide how to live their lives, with or without a man and on the same condition as men.
This even in - what I would call - 'backward countries' or regions where men decide according to old and obsolet laws and regulations, not being modified since the middle ages.

In many parliaments all over the world the representation of women is augmenting even though this development of course is more rapid in some than in other countries.

Historically men have always been in charge of legislation and interpretation not only of the secular laws but also the religious ones.
This means that women have had little if any possibility to control and verify that the interpretations made by men are as objective as possible reflecting more overbridging views and taking in consideration half of the population, that is to say the women.

It's obvious that men always have been particularly thorough making sure that they are being prioritized before women, both in secular legislation as well as religious.
This we can see in a historical perspective in Europe as well as in other places all over the world.

When it comes to religious laws - whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other belief system - many believers claim that their Holy Scriptures never have been interpretated or adapted to modern circumstances but this is of course totally impossible, historically wrong and not true.
I won't go into the reasons for this right now as it's a question that has been discussed widely and a change is coming about where intellectuals in different belief systems gradually adapt the fact that religious belief systems always have gone through gradual changes.

In the above case (the video) one uses the Quran and the Sharia' laws to claim that it's acceptable to whip a woman for no matter what she has done or is said to have done.
Those responsible for the interpretation of the Sharia' laws, in this as in other cases are of course men.
In this case the foremost representative of this legislation is the president, Omar al-Bashir.

Are men being whipped publically? Yes this probably happens but not for how they are dressed and it's much more arbitrary when it comes to the treatment of women.

In most religious systems, men have always been treated better than women from the above reasons I've mentioned.

In this case the whipping is not as much a result of uncultivated muslim men (or Christian or Jewish if that is the case) who have misunderstood the Quran, but rather of uncultivated muslim men who let their frustration over women and their awakening freedom and independence, result in this inappropriate behaviour.
On the same time these men 'discharge' their deepest sexual preferences and frustrations in a country ruled by laws that makes sex a taboo. In this way they are able to live out their sexual dreams and it's obvious that this amuses and excites them.

We can see this in any country in the world, where the patriarchal systems are strong or have been strong and where men oppose the growing female independance.
Even in countries where one might think that men and women are more 'enlightened' we find the same tendencies, though not always revealed in public in the same way.

Often we deal with men who are intellectually and educationally inferior to women, men who only seem to know one way to react towards womens lib' and this is by violence.
When one can find a legislative reason for using violence against women who are superior or autonomous, one do so, even if the reasons for doing so are questionable, to say the least.

In different discussion foras one can often find men in Europe, USA or other more 'modern' societies who declare that "women should be held firm and learn to obey the man".
This is also a reaction coming from men who are inferior to women - or other men - and the only way to 'give back' on women is - again - to use force and violence in language or in action.
Towards other men, being superior, one don't want to use force in the same way as one might get in to trouble but using it towards women is obviously - among this category of men - totally acceptable.

This is of course not only an anti-intellectual behavious but also a very cowardly one.

Men responsible for violence against women in order to push them back, should of course be dealt wiht harshly as there are no other reasons but inferiority complex, unreasonable fear, a sense of lack of power, using inappropriate means to punish women, resulting in this totally unacceptable behaviour.

måndag, december 27, 2010

Козият Рог / Koziat Rog and other Bulgarian films

I chatted with a Bulgarian translator on Facebook and we came to talk about film, as he works as a translator of films for SDI Media.

As I'm no expert on Bulgarian film, I asked him to recommend some and he - among others - mentioned this one, 'Koziat Rog' (1972), directed by Metodi Andonov:

Another important Bulgarian film from the 60's is Otklonenie (1967), directed by Gisha Ostrovski and Todor Stoyanov:

...and 'The Clown and the Kids' (1967), an American Bulgarian film by Mende Brown:

Of course there are others, maybe more important films than these but maybe I will get some feedback from some of you reading this.

Some reflections on why you should leave Facebook

lördag, december 11, 2010

Cancún and China

One have reached an accord in Cancún even though Bolivia opposed the conclusions as being to mild, seen in relation to the economically most developed countries in Europe and the USA.

China works more actively concerning the question about climate change and their own role in the Global Warming, not least according to one of their representatives in this interview.
He outlines the Chinese policy according to the following:

torsdag, december 09, 2010

Swedish Mafia

I've started reading this book now, it's a book about organized crime in Sweden and not least the different motorcycle organzations or other criminal gangs who nowadays more over overtly display their belonging to a criminal organzation or group.

We've had criminal gangs in Sweden before but they were more 'discrete' concerning being seen in public and this is one of the changes since the late 1990's and beginning of 2000's, now the members are proud of being part of these gangs and they show it to as many as possible.

The authors - Lasse Wierup and Matti Larsson - try to pin point the factors leading up to this and they do so by not least interviewing the gang members themselves.

As I've just started reading this book, I can't give you my opinion about it but I will get back to that later on.

Earlier I've read the Swedish author Tomas Lappalainens books about the Mafia as a whole and another one about the Camorra in particular.

Questions about Queen-Master Mind

I found this through Facebook and being a fan of Queen, I must say this man knows a lot about them. Not all questions were excessively hard to answer but the difficult thing is to find the right answer right there in the very moment within seconds.