måndag, maj 17, 2010


This icelandic film tells the story about Kalli, a young boy who lives with his mother in a suburb of Reykjavik.

During Christmas he is though sent far north to spend the holiday with his father - from whom his mother is divorced - his fathers new wife and daughter.
Kalli and his step sister doesn't get along to well as she is more inclined to deal with spiritism and he likes to submerge himself in the computer world. Of course this could blend well but in this case it doesn't.
When Kallis's pregnant step mother has to go to hospital, as her aches are getting worse, his father goes with her leaving the two children alone with each other in a cabin during a snow storm (responsible behaviour?).
Even though Kalli is the more technical among the two, he seems to be more sensitive to 'the other world' as a green phantom in form of a boy - long ago dead according to history - haunts him at night.
The phantom wants to direct him towards something but what?
Adventures await the two children and their 'ghost friend' including being hunted by a polar bear.

This was a graceful little story about the more or less developed receptivity among children - not always among those you might think being most likely to respond to it. The world has many dimensions and to stay in only one, limits the possibilities.
A story about friendship during hardship and how this can evolve when no other solution is at hand.

Director: Ari Kristinsson.

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