fredag, maj 28, 2010

Easy Rider

This film doesn't need to much of an introduction wherefore one simply have to say as in the commercial: "A man went looking for America...And couldn't find it anywhere".
To this one can add that roughly speaking we get to meet two groups of people, those who think they know how one should behave, how to lead the life, to work hard, earn your money, pay your tax and have a hair cut and those who seek something else but not finding it because their visions doesn't correspond to what society needs and they themselves doesn't believe they need the society - or rather: Doesn't believe in society in it's (past 1969)/current form.
Both are of course right in their own way but the problem seem to be that neither side can accept the others, something they have in common and an attitude leading up to intolerance and marginalization of the group being in minority.
Both are of course also wrong as they are unwilling to take the best part of one opinion and mix it with their own.
Fundamentalism, extremism, fascism, idealism, patriotism and a lot of other 'ism'-s are represented in this film and the actors are (among others):
Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper (who also directed the film), Phil Spector, Jack Nicholson.

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