tisdag, december 11, 2007

Led Zeppelin in concert!

Led Zeppelin, the greatest group during the 1970's(?) is back on track - if only for one night.

This band has influenced many other rock groups as we know and their influence on rock music has been immense.

The interest for the group and their reunion is also impressive. Problems with tickets as usual. 1000 £ per ticket and that is the ordinary prices.

This is an interview with Jimmy Page before the reunion.

måndag, december 10, 2007

Thore Skogman dead


Thore Skogman är död. Han skrev säkert uppåt 1500 låtar genom åren.
Han var med i operett på Säffleoperan, nämligen som Sigismund i Vita Hästen. Filmmusik skrev han också och han deltog även som skådespelare i ett antal filmer.
Jämtgubben (original)


Thore Skogman is dead.

This is an artist who is mainly known in Sweden. I don't think that anyone reading this in other countries outside Sweden ever have heard his name.

He wrote more than a thousand and maybe up to fifteen hundred songs. 
He performed in a light opera, namely The White Horse Inn at the Säffle Opera. He also wrote film music and participated in some films as well.

(Foto Thore Skogman på skivomslag kopierad från: https://mx.napster.com/artist/thore-skogman/album/nar-man-talar-om-trollen-20-originalinspelningar-fran-aren/track/dansa-och-sjung-mens-du-ar-ung)
(Photo Thore Skogman copied from: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_P8OMcwoXuTI/TOOjJw8nO6I/AAAAAAAABnE/P0NvxPEAX7E/s1600/thore_skogman_1_jpg_117402d.jpg)

fredag, december 07, 2007

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen dead

Karl-Heinz Stockhausen is dead. The famous composer of serial music and twelve-tone technic has inspired many composers and popular artists. This not least with his electronic music.

Pierre Boulez and Luigi Nono are two other composers often associated with this musical movement. To some extent they are regarded as the Trinity within serial music, if I may say so.

If they are the Trinity, Olivier Messiaen, was the God (Father) and a very important source of inspiration for both Stockhausen, Boulez and Nono.

(Photo Karl-Heinz Stockhausen copied from: www.wikipedia.org)