måndag, maj 03, 2010

Step Brothers

...is directed by Adam McKay (2008) and in the leading roles we see Will Ferrell (who's also written the script) and John C. Reilly.

It's the story about two middle aged men still living at home with their parents; Brennan (Ferrell) with his mother and Dale (Reilly) with his father.
They haven't been able to get a job or if they have had one, they haven't been able to keep it and they are still very juvenile in all their behaviour.
All of a sudden their lifes changes as Brennan's mother and Dale's father falls in love and decide to live together, meaning that the two big boys suddenly becomes step brothers, having to share the same room!

I had my fear when deciding to look at this film and of course those fears were justified.
It's somewhat strange that a comedian like Ferrell and/or the director haven' been able to make someting out of this.
The jokes are puerile - which of course is their intention, but in this case the jokes fall to the ground like heavy, grey stones in a very foreseeable way.
One of my friends on Facebook wrote to me:
"Beware Gunnar! Remember that you won't get these almost two hours back, they are for ever taken from your life!"

Well I've seen worse (the French film Camping e.g.) but of course I've seen much better!

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