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Fanfan la Tulipe

Fanfan la Tulipe - Bande Annonce FR
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Fanfan la Tulipe - Gérard Philipe - is a handsome young peasant, skilled in using his sword.
He escapes a marriage he was forced into and meets a young gypsy woman - Adeline - Gina Lollobrigida - who predicts that he will gain the daughter of the King if he joins the army.
The gypsy woman happens to be the daughter of the recruiting officer so now he has been fooled the fool!
He joins the army anyway and nurture the dream of meeting the daughter of the king, Louis XVI - Marcel Herrand - and marry her!
In meantime he is engaged in a lot of adventures and wars but when he finally breaks into the castle standing face to face with the kings daughter at last, he is caught and sentenced to death.
Adeline persuades Louis XVI to free Fanfan but the king wants something in return, Adeline in the bed!
She escapes and Fanfan saves her but later on she is kidnaped by the kings men and now Fanfan starts chasing them to get her back.

This film is a very charming but innocent story about the adventurous Fanfan and the dictatorial Louis XVI and his intrigues, a criticism towards the sovereign king and the war.
Gérard Philipe died very young (37 years old) but at the time he was one of the most popular actors well to compare with Jean Gabin e.g.

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