fredag, maj 07, 2010

Le bonheur

This film - Le bonheur - by Agnès Varda was made in 1965 and it opens like a very beautiful and harmless story about a young couple - François (Jean-Claude Drouot) and Therese (Claire Drouot) and their two children (a family in 'real life' too).
However it seems to be a to happy and harmonious story and the music gradually tells us that there will be clouds in the sky.
The clouds start to role in when François meets another woman - Emilie (Marie-France Boyer) - and falls in love with her.
It's not as easy as that though. François doesn't want to leave his family and in fact his feelings for his wife and children are deepened through this new love.
Now he wants to explain this to his wife but will she understand?

Varda explores the different choices of paths in life and particularly in a marriage.
Normally a situation like this leads to that the two lovers try to hide or that the husband/wife finding a new love wants a divorce.
François wants to eat the cake and still keep it. Egoistic or realistic and honest? That's up to each and everyone to decide.
In some relationships I know the wife and husband (or wife and wife/husband and husband) make an agreement meaning that they accept that the other part is having an affair (or more) à côté and in this case this is of course not a problem, at least not initially. If one of them in the end finds out that he or she actually love the other one more than anyone else, but the other part wants to continue this arrangement. What happens then?

In this case it's the husband who thinks that his idea will work out without consulting his wife and this makes it somewhat more complicated for her, of course.

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