måndag, maj 24, 2010

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality is a film by director Donald Petrie.

The film tells the naïve but rather comical story about the tough female FBI-agent Gracie (Sandra Bullock) - knocking her classmates already as a nine year old - who, in order to find a mysterious serial killer threatening the Miss United States beauty pageant, takes on the task as an undercover agent, disguised to a beauty queen.
As Bullocks character lacks all the finesse neaded to succeed, one have to hire a make over expert, a beauty agent - Victor Melling (Michael Caine) - who does everything in his power to make her into a worthy contestant.
Will he reach the goal and will the FBI-agents and not least Gracie find the serial killer?
When they seemed to have catched the killer, Gracie is not convinced and requires that she stays on in order to investigate the matter.
Her boss says no but she can stay as a "civilian" if she wants but without authority and a gun.
In the role as the main responsible for this event - and also the somewhat suspicious figure Kathy Morningside - we see Candice Bergen.
As her assistant - Stan Fields - William Shatner.

The charm in this film is of course Sandra Bullock - Aurore would say Michael Caine, as she thinks he's good looking and sexy.
Of course I like Caines acting, he's seldom bad but on the other hand, Sandra Bullock is not an actrice that receives the attention I think she is worth, as a comedienne.
I know she won the Oscars for best female actress recently but she is a very fine comedy actor using small means to create a some good laughs.

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