söndag, maj 29, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo

As one can find (almost) anything on Youtube, I (and many with me) found this non-official, that now has become the official trailer of David Fincher's realisation of Stieg Larsson's books, beginning with this episode.

As being related to Stieg Larsson at distance (our common 'origin', the village Bjursele mentioned in the first book, chapter 19) and having participated in the Swedish films as an extra (the first two ones doing voice overs and in the third at a party at the editorial office), I was, however, not impressed by the Swedish versions.

I think that Fincher is a director able to make something very interesting out of the material.

lördag, maj 28, 2011

Zdzislaw Beksinski

Zdislaw Beksinksi is an artist I found through FB and one I like very much, the little I've seen of his works. Take a look and make up your mind about whether or not I'm 'right'!?

måndag, maj 23, 2011

Marisol Valles Garcia, a brave woman!

I think it's more than appropriate to pay some attention to the 21 year old Marisol Valles Garcia who took a job noone wanted, as the chief of Police in the northern parts of Mexico.
She was just a criminologist student but yet she took up the fight against the drug cartels - til now.

Recently she fled to the USA with her family because of the deadly threats towards her and her family members:
It's either "silver or led" ("plata o plomo") as the Mexican drug cartels said, meaning that either she take bribes and work for both the police and the cartels or she will be killed.
She refused to take bribes and the threats became worse.
Her predecessors were tortured and beheaded.

Yet she didn't focus primarily on the cartels but tried to work in a proactive way, employing female unarmed polices, working among the poor and young, influencing them to stay away from drugs and the cartels.

I can understand her decision and on the same time, this displays the fact that one have to crush these cartels, using non legal methods as legal methods are of no use when fighting this kind of criminality.
Mussolini succeeded in fighting the Italian mafia. Why not look at what kind of methods he used.

(Photo Garcia copied from: http://www.cbsnews.com/i/tim/2010/10/21/marisol-valles-garcia_370x278.jpg)

söndag, maj 22, 2011

The Schock Doctrine

A form of adaptation of the book by Naomi Klein where she talks about the economical doctrine implemented by some political leaders and supported by many economists in the world.

In this film we are presented her side of the story but an equally important side as any other.

lördag, maj 21, 2011

The Christian Gene!

I found this on Youtube and it's quite an amusing 'antidote' against those people/scientists (yes they are humans too, I think) trying to find the genetic ground for homosexuality or any other human behaviour.
This is dedicated to fundamentalistic Christians:

lördag, maj 14, 2011

Skotten i Ådalen/The Ådalen Shootings

This day, 80 years ago, the so called 'Ådalen shootings'/'Skotten i Ådalen' took place in a sawmill district with the same name in Kramfors Municipality, Ångermanland, in the northern parts of Sweden.

The background to this event was an industrial conflict concerning pay reductions at the pulp factory at another plant at Långrör.
This lead to symphaty strikes at other plants and the owner of the Graninge company in Ådalen hired 60 strike-breakers/'finks'/'scabs'.

The workers started a peaceful manifestation after having stopped all work and the 14th they started to walk towards Ådalen where the strike-breakers were lodged.

Police and military came to the site, ordered to defend the strike breakers but at first they couldn't stop the protestors and as they thought that they wore weapons - the protestors had earlier thrown stones at the police - they started to shoot, killing five persons.

The strike-breakers were, by the County Administrative Board, prohibited to work and the aftermath toke on national dimensions, dividing the political parties in those calling this "murder" (the left wing parties) and those calling it 'justifiable self-defense' (the right-wing parties) in order to defend both the strike-breakers and the police and military.

Bo Widerberg in 1969 made a film telling his version of this story: 'Ådalen 31'.

(Foto Ådalendemonstrationer kopierad från: http://svt.se/content/1/c8/02/42/45/05/aadalen370.jpg)

torsdag, maj 12, 2011

Almstriden/The Elm Fight

For those of you not familiar with the above Youtube-sequences from the 'Elm-fight', I can tell you that this is one of the cornerstones in the Swedish environmental movement.

When the politicians in Stockholm in 1971 decided to build an entrance- and exit to the new subway, situated in the park of Kungsträdgården, they faced a unanticipated protest storm.

People 'occupied' the trees and police was called in to deal with this but the protestors did not surrender and in the end, the politicians had to change their decision.

The incident got worldwide coverage but some people around the world found it hard to understand the engagement displayed by the people living in Stockholm and Sweden concerning this issue.
It became a proof of the fact that the environmental movement was marching ahead and that issues around our daily environment, was becoming more and more important.

Even if you don't understand Swedish, the short sequences above speaks for themselves.

lördag, maj 07, 2011

How fascism was rooted in the USA - for ever?

Easter bunny problems

onsdag, maj 04, 2011

The School in Finland - Best in the World!

According to one of PISA's (Programme for International Students Assessment) studies about schools in the world and their quality, Finland recently came in first place.
Different studies use different variables and I don't know the exact ones used in this case but the list looked like this:

1. Finland
2. South Korea
3. Japan
4. New Zealand
5. Australia
6. The Netherlands
7. Switzerland
8. Estonia
9. Germany
10. Belgium
11. Poland
12. Island
13. Norway
14. Great Britain
15. Denmark
16, Slovenia
17. Irland
18. France
19. OECD average
20. USA
21. Hungary
22. Sweden
23. Czechia

måndag, maj 02, 2011

Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive or Dead many years ago?

As so often in connection to events like this - in this case the death or supposed death of Osama bin Laden (Usama bin Laden) - a lot of theories around what is true or not starts to circulate.

According to some commentators, Osama bin Laden died already in the attacks towards the Tora Bora caves in december 2001.
Why this wasn't announced is said to be related to the overall geopolitical decisions within the USA and President Bush's administration and its wish to have a 'diabolical' opponent in order to justify the military spendings and decisions of interventions in different parts of the world.
This whether or not these interventions are aimed at trying to capture Osama bin Laden, defeating terrorism, defending democracy or just spreading the power of USA in the world, taking advantage of different natural resources or any other riches these countries can offer.

On this level the USA is not acting differently compared to other major powers or even small countries in the world, it's just that the impact is often greater as the USA - up til this point - has been and is the biggest and most powerful nation in the world.

American USSR is a site that claim things about the hunt for Osama bin Laden that are contrary to the US Government information and they offer different kinds of 'proofs' for their theories.
Their aim is to 'reveal' the lies and treasons presented to the people of the USA by the US Governments through history. As it says on their site:
"An Extensive Archive of America's Hundreds of Lies, Treacheries, Wars, False Operations, Torture, and Murders".

On the other hand one must ask oneself if George W. Bush really would have omitted telling the world of the death of Osama bin Laden, as it, in this case, occured during a moment during the Bush administration when the USA still had a lot of compasion and understanding for its actions all around the world.
Therefore I question this theory as well.
President Bush could well have argued for the continuation of his 'War Against Terrorism' in the same way as President Barack Obama does now.

One thing one can say is that the burial of Osama bin Laden at sea, offers no real possibility to identify him.

On the other hand, Osama bin Laden - as has been stated by many others - is more important as a symbol for both the USA and the loosely knit 'terrorist organization' Al Qaida/Al-Queda.
Those men and women being convinced that they are fighting against 'the Great Enemy'/'The Great Satan' - the United States (and its allies) - will of course continue, under different kinds of leaderships all over the world.

The overall symbol for Al-Qaida, is at this moment the 'second man' after bin Laden - maybe the brain behind all that has been done in the name of Al-Quaida - namely Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The photo above is according to most sources a fake made in Photo Shop.

Burqas with a 'National Identity'. The solution to the 'Burqa discussions'?