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George et Fanchette

...directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe is a TV-film we started looking at (first episode) telling the story about the author George Sand (Ariane Ascaride) and how she took care of a young woman - Fanchette (Anaïs Demoustier) - who is analphabetic.
Fanchette works in the house of Sand at Nohant and it's through this circumstance that Sand becomes aware of her inability to read and write.

For an author like Sand where every word is precious and where she coudln't live without writing, this is of course worse than if Fanchette had been struck by a disease!
Through hard work she tries to bring her into the world of letters and sentences.

At the same time we get to meet the daughter of George Sand - Solange (Françoise Gillard) - and also the son - Maurice (Raphaël Personnaz) and of course Frédéric Chopin (Fabrice Pruvost).
In this series one displays the conflicts between George Sand and her daughter. George Sand could be very harsch against Solange and it's known that she prefered Maurice but on the other hand, a mother preferring her son(s) is not to uncommon.
Solange - on the other hand - is somewhat spoiled although one also can understand the frustration she endures when asking favours from her mother, answered with a 'no' and at the same time seeing how her mother supports 'the whole artistic world', almost.

The acting is good and Anaïs Demoustier has also acted in Les grandes personnes, (among other films) the film Aurore was engaged in as a production assistant and we both worked with the translation of the script.

For the local population in La Châtre and Berry this story is of course the more interesting as this really is the 'George Sand-site' number one in the world.

(Photo copied from: http://www.lefigaro.fr/medias/2009/07/21/c4acab0a-75d8-11de-b11e-bfc12359e343.jpg)

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