lördag, maj 08, 2010

George et Fanchette episode 2

I have written about this tv-serie before and this was the second and final episode depicting the story about Franchette (a person whom George Sand has written a book about) and how she gradually becomes a part of George Sand's family, though initially being a 'servant'.
We also get to see all the characters surronding Sand, like Frédéric Chopin, Alexandre Manceau (the engraver), Gustave Papet (her favourite doctor and a great help to Chopin, both sick but also being somewhat of a hypocondric), Eugène Delacroix and others.
It's a well produced and well staged story. The question is who Fanchette really was, it's not totally clear, at least not in my mind.

(Photo copied from: http://tele.premiere.fr/var/premiere/storage/images/tele/news-tele/george-et-fanchette-un-telefilm-sur-george-sand-bientot-en-tournage-pour-france-3/22319999-5-fre-FR/George-et-Fanchette-Un-telefilm-sur-George-Sand-bientot-en-tournage-pour-France-3_image_article_paysage.jpg)

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