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This is a film with a Short Cut-structure, that is to say, different people and their life stories intertwines and by following them we get a full picture of events to some degree affecting each other.
This techic is by now way new and have been used in a lot of movies, though Robert Altmans Short Cuts is the most famous one. Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu.

In this case we get to meet a couple - Richard (Brad Pitt) and Susan Jones (Cate Blanchett) - who's on vacation in Morocco (Marocko) in order to get their marriage function better than before.
On the same time their two children are left with their Mexican nanny who desides to bring them to Mexico, to the wedding of her son.
A Morrocan shepherd (herdsman) buys a rifle to his two sons so that they will be able to keep the jackals away from the herd.
In Japan a young woman tries to cope with the fact that her mother is dead (suicide or murdered?), her father emotionally very distanced, herself looking for love in any kind. As she's deaf she meets som prejudices on the way, leading her to become more and more audacious.
What combines these stories?
Well the father of the Japanese young woman sold the rifle to the herdsman, who gave it to his sons, who accidentally shot Susan and Susan and Richard who left their children with their Mexican nanny, are unaware of that the nanny took them to Mexico, leading to a lot of trouble for her and the children.
The japanese father is also suspected of having murdered his wife.

The film speaks about guilt and responsibility.
How extensive is our reponsibility for our actions and what consequences are we able to overlook and foresee?
In this case I think the film displays a number of grown ups who lack a great deal of sense of responsibility when undertaking certain actions in life.
The Japanese man selling a rifle is of course aware of that this weapon could be used to kill someone, not only the animals he accepts being killed but also humans;
the Mexican nanny doesn't show any sense of responsibility when taking the children (not even her own) to Mexico, something she never told the couple that she intended to do;
the couple leaving their children behind, escaping their responsibility for their marriage, a relational problem that can not be saved through a journey - if not, as in this case, something extraordinary happens;
the herdsman leaving the rifle to his two young sons must be held responsible for what happened when they 'played around' with it;
the two boys must also be held responsible for their actions as they were'nt to young not to understand;
the young Japanese woman, causes herself problems when seeking love and affection through displaying herself in a way that jepordize her health and life.

On the whole this question of how our choices in life affects not only ourselves but other people as well, is very interesting.

The film is well produced and quite well made with some good acting, not least the less known (to me) actors besides the two mentioned above.
It was by some people regarded as the best film of the decade but that is a huge exaggeration as it's all to conventional, in spite of the interesting subject and the different angles of the problems the film tries to tackle.

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