måndag, augusti 31, 2009

The films I saw in August

Something New (Un couple explosif), Sanaa Hamri (2006):

SOMETHING NEW: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Something New, Golden Brooks

Sleuth (Le limier), Kenneth Branagh (2007):

Friday 13th III, Steve Miner (1982):

Hudson Hawk, Michael Lehmann (1991):

Rush Hour, Brett Ratner (1998):

La Ragazza del Lago (La fille du lac), Andrea Molaioli (2007):

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (Un Anglais à New-York), Robert B. Weide (2008):

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Robert Zemeckis (1988):

Pouic-pouic, Jean Girault (1963):

The Fly 2, Chris Walas (1989):

Bad Santa, Terry Zwigoff (2003):

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Voyage au centre de la Terre), George T. Miller (1999):

Rambo, Sylvester Stallone (2008):

AVPR: Alien vs Predator Requiem, Colin Strause & Greg Strause (2008):

Les Parrains, Frédéric Forestier (2005):

Perfect Creature; Glenn Standring (2006):

An American Werewolf in London (Le loup-garou de Londres), John Landis (1981):

Kansas City Confidential, Phil Karlson (1953):

If I had a million (Si j'avais un million), Ernst Lubitsch among others (1932):

Los sin nombre (La secte sans nom), Jaume Balaguero (1999):

Scared to Death, Christy Cabanne(1947):

Prince of Darkness, John Carpenter (1987):

Saw IV, Darren Lynn Bousman (2007):

American Gangster, Ridley Scott (2007):

Elementarteilchen, Oskar Roehler (2006):

Fantômas se déchaine, André Hunebelle (1965):

Nochnoy dozor (Night Watch), Timur Bekmanbetov (2004):

Les hommes (Men), Daniel Vigne (1973):

The Cable Guy (Disjoncté), Ben Stiller (1996):

All I Desire, Douglas Sirk (1953):

National Treasure: Book of Secrets, John Turteltaub (2007):

Gangster No. 1, Paul McGuigan (2000):

Whatever works, Woody Allen (2009):

Public Enemies, Michael Mann (2009):

Crimen Ferpecto; Alex de la Iglesia (2004):

Fantômas contre Scotland Yard, André Hunebelle (1967):

This Island Earth, Joseph M. Newman (1955):

The Three Musketeers, Stephen Herek (1993):

Shrek the Third, Chris Miller & Raman Hui (2007):

The Jungle Book 2, Steve Trenbirth (2003):

Death Sentence, James Wan (2007):

The Man Who Knew To Much, Alfred Hitchcock (1956):

Pretty Woman, Garry Marshall (1990):

Liza, Marco Ferreri (1972):

Live Free or Die Hard, Len Wiseman (2007):

Markens grøde, Gunnar Sommerfeldt (1921)

some Hercule Poirot and not least a great number of George Méliès movies at Salle Maurice Sand in La Châtre during the recurring festival with the motto Jours de Fête du court métrage d'humour.
These movies were introduced and commented by the great grand daughter to Méliès, Marie-Hélène Lehérissey-Méliès, accompanied at the piano by her son.

A list of those movies you find the date of this event, August 7.

(Photo poster 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' copied from: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Center-Earth-Treat-Williams/dp/6305778256)
(Picture poster 'Les hommes' copied from: http://kebekmac.forumprod.com/mobile/vigne-1973-les-hommes-t4599.html)
(Photo from the film 'Markens grøde' copied from: https://www.aftenposten.no/kultur/i/XbQbn/Hamsun-far-spraket-tilbake)

lördag, augusti 29, 2009

Wolverine in Berry

Berry Movies

At the EPIPAPU festival we also met with Florent Choffel (above) one of the initiators of the short film festival Berry Movies.

The criterias for participating in the competition are - in short(!) - that you should not be a professional film maker and you don't have to be a berrichon, not even French! Welcome!



Good skating and some music even if the concerts starts tonight!

In La Châtre - and its surrondings - one can find a lot of different events from Chopin, Méliès, Tati and George Sand to punkrock, hardcore and skateboard-skating!

Concerning the latter take a look at this link: EPIPAPU