fredag, juli 23, 2010

EU research: 14 million € for two apples!

EU have spent almost 14 million € in order to establish the fact that apples are good for our health!
We all knew this earlier and I think that the saying: "One apple a day keeps the doctor away" is well known to all of us?!

The scientists have spent eight years of research and this great amount of money to establish this and other well known facts.
This is a good example on how our common money is used - or should I say misused - within the European Union.
It's not surprising that many inhabitants in Europe doubt the current construction and its costly 'habits'.
Some would say that this is an isolated case but of course not.
As citizens of Euorpe we pay for everything within EU and therefore we should also have a bigger influence over the decisions taken in EU and this concerns both science and other projects.
This is nothing we can leave to our elected representatives but in order to be able to have more influence over decisions, we need more of transparency and more direct democracy and this is, under current circumstances, more or less impossible.

Talking about the use of resources one can mention the administration, the buildings, the salaries to all the politicians, their special advisers and so forth, costing us billions of € not always used in the best way, as we know.
Concerning this above mentioned research, it obviously came about more in order to promote the agricultural products of the European farmers than to give the citizens of Europe relevant information on important subjects.

This kind of waste of resources has to come to an end!

(Photo basket with apples copied from:!image/3719109215.jpg_gen/derivatives/w450/3719109215.jpg)

onsdag, juli 21, 2010

The moon landing - if it happened/La lunisage - s'il a bien eu lieu

Today, 41 years ago, the first human sat foot on the moon - or did he?
Aujourd'hui, il y a 41 ans, le premier homme a marché sur la lune - ou l'a-t-il fait?

Neil Armstrong il a marcher sur la Lune 2_2
envoyé par MOHAMED070691. - Vidéos des dernières découvertes scientifiques.

onsdag, juli 14, 2010

Chopin and Jazz

As I have written about the bicentenary of Frédéric Chopin I add this article about music cross overs in Kraków Polen/Poland:

15th Summer Jazz Festival at the Cellar under Rams
(Piwnica pod Baranami)

KRAKÓW, JULY 4th - AUGUST 18th, 2010

The 200th Anniversary of The Birth of Fryderyk Chopin

Welcome to the 15th Annual Jubilee Festival, which will last for forty six days this year. We are very happy to have many of the worldwide jazz stars, such as Booby McFerrin, Markus Stockhausen, Paulo Fresu or NDR Big Band. The Jazz Night will be dedicate to Friderik Chopin and will start with the Jazz Festival Award ceremony, where Janusz Ptaszyn Wróblewski- a Polish composer, legendary tenor saxophonist and one of the main founder of the Polish jazz, will be awarded with the Jazz Lamb Statuette.

The diversity of the 100 festival concerts makes it a great time for jazz lovers to catch some favourite music, immersed in the magical atmosphere of Kraków and legendary club “Piwnica pod Baranami”.

I hope you will enjoy the festival!

Witold Wnuk

CMA, the Director of the Festival


4 July New Orleans Sunday

="Verdana" size="2">from noon till 4 p.m - Concerts at Cafes on

at 5 p.m - NewOrleans Parade sfrom Barbakan to Main Square

at 6 p.m -Concert on Main Square


9 July at 8 p.m- Władysław"Adzik"Sendecki - Centrum Manggha



17 July at 7 p.m-Krakow's Night of Jazz 2010 Mały Rynek,

Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski Sextet        
Chopin Warsaw Paris Jazz Quintet & Orkiestra Akademii Beethovenowskiej    
International Polish Jazz Group "Chopin & Jazz" -  J.Jarczyk/A.Olejniczak/D.Oleszkiewicz/J.Stefanski
Marek Bałata Band & Orkiestra Akademii Beethovenowskiej - Chopin Project
Rotunda Club  starts at 10 p.m.
40th anniversary of   "Laboratorium" & guests
Night Clubs Concertsat starts 10 p.m.
club Harris - Aleksandra Tomaszewska Quintet
Piec Art -  "Jazz Spoken here"
Piwnica pod Baranami - Ewa Uryga
U Muniaka - Marcin Ślusarczyk Trio
Alchemia - Marek Batorski concert and exhibition 
Drukarnia - Bomba Latina




Centrum Manggha


2 August at 8 p.m PAULO FRESU DEVIL QUARTET - Centrum Manggha


12 August at 7 p.m HERZOG RECORDS presents in Krakow Radio :

Jessica Gall-Herzog Records

Studnitzky Trio –Herzog Records

“Nighthawks”-Herzog Records


18 August at 8 p.m Krakow Opera Hause - Final Concert


arranged by Gill Goldstein

Concerts at the Piwnica pod Baranami at 9 p.m


6.07-Jarek Śmietana Kwartet



9.07-"Little Egoist"

10.07-Adam Pierończyk Trio

11.07-Marek Bałata /Adzik Sendecki

12.07-"Budapest Ragtime Band"(Hungary)

13.07- Rafał Sarnecki Kwartet

14.07-Oleg Kireyev Kwartet(Russia/Poland)

15.07-Krzysztof Ścierański

16.07-Gary Wittner "Spoken here"(USA)

17.07-"Noc Jazzu" -Ewa Uryga

18.07-Strączek-Małek Group

19.07-Ilona Damięcka Kwartet+Maciek Sikała


"International Polish Jazz Group"

21.07-Boba Jazz Band

22.07-Maciej Sikała Trio

23.07-Kuba Stankiewicz Trio

24.07-Tomasz Grochot Quintet

25.07-"Funk de Nite"+Brian Corbett

26.07-Martin Schaberl Trio (Austria)

27.07-Andrzej Przybielski & Oleś Brothers " Abstract Trio"

28.07- “New Bone”

29.07-Heavy Metal Sekstet "Reunion"

30.07- Groborz & Brazilikum 4

31.07- Adam Bałdych "Demage control"


1.08-Andrzej Marchewka "Beale Street Band"

2.08-Leszek Kułakowski Ensamble Piccolo"

3.08-Zbigniew Czarniecki Kwartet

4.08-Jacek Kochan & co.



7.08-"No Name" Band

8.08- Mateusz Smoczyński "New Trio"

9.08- RGG

10.08-Adam Kawończyk Kwartet

11.08– Jessica Gall-Herzog Records

12.08 – Studnitzky Trio –Herzog Records

13.08- “Nighthawks”-Herzog Records

14.08 – Bernard Maseli Wekka

15.08 - Konrad Orłowski Trio+Maseli

16.08-Kuba Płużek Band

17.08-Josh Lawrence Jazz3

Additional concerts

4.07-18.08  foto exhibition  of Piotra Kłoska at Visa-Vie
 25.07  at 11.00 - "Wieslaw Wilczkiewicz Ensemble" Radio Kraków 
Concerts at Haris Club
6.07 - Lidia Pośpieszalska with Band
17.07 - Aleksandra Tomaszewska Quintet
18.07 - Atma Anur Group
7.08 - Maciej Tubis Trio
12.08 - PGR& SAGIT Silberman
Afternoon concerts  on courtyard Pałacu Pod Baranami
every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at
JUREK BOŻYK MIDNIGHT SHOW at Mightnight at Piwnica Pod Baranami codziennie 5.07-5.08


tel./fax (48)12-6332839
18 Warszawska st.
PL 31-155, Krakow, Poland

tisdag, juli 06, 2010

Gudrun Schyman sets fire to 10 400 €

The leader of the feminist party, 'Feministiskt initiativ' in Sweden - Gudrun Schyman (former left wing party leader) - was setting fire to 10 400 € today, this in order to protest against the differences in wages between women and men.

It's both surprising and not surprising that a woman who all her life has spoken and written about injustice in Sweden and the rest of the world, about poverty and the immoral rich West and its exploitation of the developing countries, undertakes an action like this.
The strange thing about it is that she openly shows the world what a hypocrite she obviously is.

Of course one can always say that she is honest, making it clear to the Swedish voters and others that the statements she earlier has made, the principals she held high only was cabotinage.

On the other hand - from a purely publicity point of view - one most ask oneself why she wants to commit suicide and hereby also condemning the feminist party to a similar faith.
She can't hardly imagine that people being somewhat sound intellectually, could possibly support her cause and the cause of the feminist party, after this puerile act.
Unfortunately there are those who look away and continues to support a politician even if she behaves in this very cynical way.
Millions and millions of people all over the world are starving but for her - never having experienced poverty - it's totally comme il faut to burn money that could have been used to help underpriviliged people in Sweden or elsewhere.

We all know that politicians are using the public fundings in a most corrupt way (recent exemples in France with different ministers confirm this) but to scorn poor people like this is extremely cruel and lead to questions about the sanity of those people acting like this.

It's a pity though as Gudrun Schyman - when leading the left wing party - was one of the politicians I appreciated most even though I didn't vote for the left wing party or her in the National Elections.
I think she should address the public and apologize for her fascistic behaviour.