tisdag, maj 04, 2010

Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film (directed by Michel Gondry) about a couple who tries to erase the memory of each other and their relationship is quite a fascinating idea, even though it could have been done even more interesting, I think.

After the two both decide to forget that they ever met and that they have lived together - as their relationship caused them to much pain - they begin to regret that they started this experiment. Gradually they realise what they liked with each other and that these positive sides outflank the negative ones.
The question is: Can they stop the ongoing eradicative process?

The film begins with the main character Joel (Jim Carrey) and by and by we get to meet Clementine (Kate Winslet) too.

In the beginning we might think that this is an ordinary story about a man and a woman, meeting for the first time, one step leading to another.
That is not the case.
Carrey creates a somewhat different role in this film although his comic vein shine through from time to time.

The film poses important questions about our personal and collective memory and if it would be possible to eradicate our memories (maybe already possible if we think of all kinds of military experiments with people being 'brainwashed', or said to be so): Would we really like to use this volontary?

Some would surely answer yes.

What consequences could this lead to?

In the modern society where we have all kinds of exterior resources helping us to remember things (computers, iPhones and other devices), we tend to put our memory in exterior 'boxes', gradually undermining our own ability to remember things we've gone through.
This constitutes a great risk for our personal and collective memory, something we should be aware of.

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