tisdag, maj 25, 2010

Shallow Hal alias Jack Black

This film is made by Bobby and Peter Farrelly, starring Jack Black as Hal (not the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, although this film was made in 2001) and Gwyneth Paltrow as Rosemary.

Hal is a real male shallow (of course) chauvinist, only dating women who are regarded as being 'beautiful' according to some standard protocol, that is to say rather slim and looking as the models in 'adult magazines'.
How to look at women and who do date are the advices given to Hal by his father and he is following these advices to the letter.
One day however he meets the 'guru' Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins) who hypnotize him, making him see only the 'inner beauty' of women.
When Hal meets Rosemary, a 'heavy-weight' woman and a woman that other men never looks at, he falls in love as he only is able to see her inner qualities.
In the beginning she thinks that he makes fun of her but he is serious, even though he wouldn't be serious if he hadn't been hypnotized.
Their love story continues and in the end it' s time for marriage between the two even though neither Rosemary's family or Hal's friends seem to understand how they can be drawn to each other.
His qualities as a man isn't to obvious.

Will their love survive? This is a question that becomes acute when Hal's friend Mauricio (shallow too) - Jason Alexander - arranges that the hypnosis is undone and Hal for the first time get to see Rosemary as she really is - physically.

It's an uncomplicated story but rather amusing, not least when we as viewers get to see her undress, throwing her pants in his face, big as an elephants.
During hypnosis Hal can't understand how she can be wearing these tents as he sees her in another way.
There are other amusing scenes as when they uses a pool and she is going to jump in to it, almost emptying the pool! Hal can't understand how she does that but he accepts the fact that this woman is rather special.
On the whole a quite entertaining piece of work and I must say that I'm fond of Jack Black, even though he might never win an Oscar or La Palme d'Or.

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