fredag, maj 07, 2010

Tjajkovskij 170 years old. Eugen Onegin our first opera together

(Some bars from Romeo and Juliet, overture-fantasia after Shakespeare's drama /B-minor/, 1869)

Today we celebrate the birthday of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky who would have become 170 years old today.
Time flies!
He is perhaps best known for his ballets but as we know he wrote operas, symphonies, concerts for different muscial instruments and more.

Personally he had problems in exepting the fact that he was homosexual or at least bisexual and it's said that his marriage was a disaster.
His parents didn't want him to pursue a career within the muscial domain but he did and became rather succesful, don't you think?
He died in cholera according to some historians while others say it was a suicide.

The first opera Aurore and I saw together was a Tjajkovskij-oeuvre, namely Eugen Onegin (Yevgény Onégin).
It was at the Stockholm Opera House and in one of the roles we had the pleasure listening to the soprano Maria Fontosh.

(Photo Maria Fontosh copied from:

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