måndag, maj 31, 2010

Ma petite entreprise

This is an amusing story starting with a tragedy. Sometimes tragedies can be amusing too.

Ivan Lansi (what a name?!) (Vincent Lindon) is the owner of a woodworks and he works hard to make it profitable.
Unfortunately a fire brakes out, devastating a major part of his firm.
He now finds himself in troubles as his insurer - Maxime Nassieff (François Berléand) - has swindled him.
Facing catastrophy he assembles a couple of friends - including Maxime - to try to sort things out.
Sami (Roschdy Zem), is very skilled at climbing buildings, using mountaineer equipment and he's equally skilled at braking in to buildings. His son is a computer 'expert' and together with them Ivan now creates the 'master plan' to save his skin.
They are going to break in to the insurance company and make changes in the computer system, making it look like he is assured - even though he's not.
This is the start of an adventurous 'escapade'.

This is not a pretentious movie but - as I wrote initially - a rather entertaining, confusing story with a lot of misunderstandings and mishaps.

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