onsdag, februari 13, 2008

Falstaff for only 1 €

I have written on this subject on the Aurore & Gunnar-blog but this is a recurrent phenomena nowadays I think, namely the tickets to operas at The Royal Opera House costing only 10 Skr, equivalent to 1 €.

This time it's the dress rehearsal of 'Falstaff' by Verdi and earler in December 2007 we watched 'Orphée' by Gluck with tickets at the same price as these ones.

Not a bad idea if the Opera House wants to attract 'new customers'. Hopefully they (the 'newcomers') will come back and find it interesting enough to do so.
This is of course (being a truism) dependant on the skill of the singers, musicians and others working with the performances at The Royal Opera House in Stockholm.

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