lördag, februari 09, 2008

Moderna museet 50 years!

The Museum of Modern Art (Moderna museet) in Stockholm this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary!
It was founded in 1958 by - among others - Pontus Hultén, our foremost and most famous individual inspirer within the world of museums. He was also the first director for the museum between 1960-73.
It's not an exaggeration to say that he has been the most important person for the international reputation Moderna museet received.

Unfortunately there is a discussion going on within the museum whether or not one will have the necessary resources to complete the work catalogizing his collection of art, a collection donated to the museum after his death.

This is rather typical for Sweden. We do have a person who is the single most important person for this museum and also a founder of and director of among other museums Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

In spite of this one discuss the necessity of completing this important work - or not.
A person working within the museum the other day said to me:
"It's as if the present management looks upon his collection as only 'a lot of work' in a negative way".

If this had been a museum of industrial achievements in Sweden, this discussion had never taken place. We are unfortunately a technological and technocratic conuntry where the humanities is of no interest, neither to the 'average' Swede, nor to the politicians - unless it generates money to the state, of course.
I hope - but hardly believe - that this attitude will change!

(Photo Moderna museet copied from: http://www.visitstockholm.com/ContentStoreFiles/Entity/872/moderna1_450x300.jpg)

(Photo 'Historieboken' copied from: http://www.brittonbritton.com/images/1745.jpg)
(Photo Niki de Saint Phalle copied from: http://www.brittonbritton.com/begood/image_db2.php?id=1713)
(Photo Le Corbusier copied from: http://www.brittonbritton.com/begood/image_db2.php?id=1776)
(Photo Marcel Duchamp and Ulf LInde copied from: http://www.brittonbritton.com/begood/image_db2.php?id=1731)
(Photo Joseph Beuys copied from: http://www.brittonbritton.com/begood/image_db2.php?id=1726)
(Photo Robert Rauschenberg copied from: http://www.brittonbritton.com/begood/image_db2.php?id=1736)
(Photo 'Monogram', Robert Rauschenberg copied from: http://www.modernamuseet.se/PageFiles/22086/Monogram.jpg)

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