lördag, februari 09, 2008

The Alban Berg quartet exist no more!

Regarded as one of the most famous string quartets, the Alban Berg quartet quit playing after almost forty years. They were constituted as a quartet in 1971.

One of the members - Tomas Kakuska - recently died and the rest of the musicians have found it hard to continue after this.
Some have said that a quartet becomes like a family.

Many musicians say that a string quartet is the most demanding form of playing ensemble music.
It requires both being good musicians as well as good friends.

It's also said - in connection to being an ensemble musician - that before having played together for twenty years, you are regarded as a beginner - a novice.

The Alban Berg-ensemble starts a farewell concert in London this week and they end with a concert in Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires in July.

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