lördag, februari 09, 2008

Andy Warhol in Stockholm

I have already written on our communal blog, Aurore and mine, that there is now a large Andy Warhol-exhibition displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Moderna museet).

It starts today, Saturday 9th of February.
Go and look.
Last year there was a large retrospective with works by Robert Rauschenberg, who is very interesting to listen to when talking about his art.

(Photo Andy Warhol 'strangled' copied from: http://www.fokus.se/t/i/440/2008/02/kul_andy_warhol.jpg)
(Photo Andy Warhol as a woman copied from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_FcqYd7PgIjk/R8BI-93DtWI/AAAAAAAAAHs/jKxMkzclkn8/s320/Andy+Warhol.jpg)

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