lördag, februari 09, 2008

Andy Warhol in Stockholm

I have already written on our joint blog, Aurore and mine, about the grand Andy Warhol-exhibition displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Moderna museet), starting today, the 9th of February. This is just a small reminder.

Go and look, if you can (if you are interested in the art of Warhol).

Last year the museum also arranged a rather important retrospective with works by Robert Rauschenberg. I find Rauschenberg interesting to listen to when he talks about his art or art in general, as he did via videos installed in the exhibition halls.

(Photo Andy Warhol 'strangled' copied from: https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/85331/self-portrait-strangulation)

(Photo Andy Warhol as a woman copied from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_FcqYd7PgIjk/R8BI-93DtWI/AAAAAAAAAHs/jKxMkzclkn8/s320/Andy+Warhol.jpg)

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