onsdag, februari 06, 2008

Winston Churchill is dead!

After my marriage in France the 28th of December, I have started to dream a lot. The strange thing is that I remember my dreams, something I seldom did before.

A time ago I had this dream:

Winston Churchill had suffered a heart attack (cardiac infarct) and we (more or less me) had to take him to hospital. It seemed though as if the only way to do so was to carry him and I had to do it.
Besides me and Churchill there was an assistant to Churchill who never tried to help me carry the old prime minister. He only tried to encourage me by shouting: "Jolly good, keep it up...!".

I remember that I once fell down on one of my knees under the burden but through a strong burst of effort, I managed to continue.
We arrived at the hospital but there Churchill died, in spite of my attempts to save him.

I had my dream interpreted by my very good friend Siw-Marie .
Now she's given me her explanation of the dream!

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