tisdag, april 06, 2010

Resident Evil: Extinction

This film by Russell Mulcahy is a follow up of other Resident Evil films. I'm not even sure I've seen the others but maybe Aurore has.

Anyway, in this film we get to meet the main character Alice (Milla Jovovich) who after the so called Racoon City disaster (a virus set loose) now find herself all alone, travelling through a almost dead world, where human life is more or less eradicated.
Alice is a very special woman, as she once was subjected to an experiment by the 'evil' Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen) at the Umbrella Corporation, where she worked herself.
This experiment has given her special powers, physically and mentally and this she uses to - in this case - fight of all the zoombies who are set loose.
In the desert she meets a group of humans who have succeeded to escape and now they all try to cross the USA in order to get to Alaska, the only decontaminated place on earth.
On the same time Dr. Isaacs tries to find her and he does so thanks to a satellite with which he can control her.
He wants her back in order to use her for his own evil plans. His intention is - among other things - to make clones of her but to achieve this he needs her in person.
This time the controlling satellite doesn't work as well as before.
Obviously Alice has learnt how to resist the signals from the satellite.
The journey and fight continues. Will they reach Alaska and what will happen if the clones are let loose?

This is a combination between films displaying what high-tech-inventions/-industries and 'mad' scientists are able to create and devastate and a traditional zoombie-film.
The first category is something we've seen since the dawn of film and the latter became very popular during the 1970's.
I can't say that I found the story particularly original but as an entertaining piece of work with the traditional ingredients mentioned above, displayed with a humour showing self-distance in face of the theme it's not unbearable.

I wounder if Milla Jovovich always will play somewhat 'unusual' women or if she will be given the chance to portray a 'real' woman of flesh and blood?
Maybe this is what she prefers and above all, the category of films where she is able to earn most money?

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