måndag, mars 29, 2010

Män som hatar kvinnor/ The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo

Now I've seen the second part of the first episode - The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo - of the adaptation for the movies of Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy - and this time in Swedish (with French subtitles, French television).

I participated, dubbing some characters in the film. More about that below.

I'm not at all impressed - thinking about the good publicity both the books and the film have received - but there are some good acting and some good settings and I would really like to underline 'some', as most of the acting is indeed mediocre.

This goes not least for the main characther Mikael Blomkvist (Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist) but also for a great number of the other actors involved.
Noomi Rapace does indeed impersonate Lisbeth Salander better than Michael does Mikael and she is one of the best actors in the film but she is by no means 'stunning' either.

I also feel that there are flaws when it comes to the direction and sometimes the cues sound somewhat stiff and doesn't at all correspond with the, sometimes, strong sentiments displayed on the screen.
This might have to do with the director - Nils Arden Oplev - or the actors or both.
The mise en scène could have been much more elaborated and executed in a more thrilling way.
Now I feel that the tension disappears, not least in scenes that could have become very exciting and even shocking.

I have read the first book in the trilogy and Aurore all three and they haven't impressed on us. The last one is the least bad, Aurore says.
I will follow the other parts in this trilogy, through French television and I really hope that they display a higher quality than this.

If I could here my voice? Well, as I wrote, I dubbed some voices but to concentrate on that wasn't my goal. I know that I did the voice of one of the furniture removers helping Mikael Blomkvist moving in to the small house near the Vanger family; a police man; a truck driver; some people on 'Stureplan' in the center of Stockholm, talking about the headlines on the newspapers etc. 

In the third and last film, I however participate during a party at the editorial office of the Millenium newspaper.

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