torsdag, april 22, 2010

Ambassadeur touristique de l'Indre

I've finally received the so called Carte de membre du Club des Ambassadeurs, making me Ambassadeur touristique de l'Indre!

This is a result of the education I followed in La Châtre; Visa Accueil Tourisme, giving the participants a deeper knowledge concerning tourism in France from a more general point of view and Le Centre in particular.

This includes information concerning the cultural heritage in all its diversity (castles, churches, monasteries and other interesting sites; music, literature, film etc etc.) and how to improve the welcoming of tourists in this very region.

With this card I'm able to visit a great number of different sites in the center of France and this for free. Of course it's meant that I shall invite my friends or other people I know coming to visit us in La Châtre and so I will, now being an 'expert' in the field!

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