fredag, april 16, 2010

1732 Høtten (Bloody Angels)

In Norwegian this film is called 1732 Høtten but the English title Bloody Angels is not bad at all, considering the content and a certain person involved. (Trailer).

A young girl of 13 with Down's Syndrome is found dead in the little town of Høtten and a couple of months later one of two brothers, being suspected for the murder, is in turn found drowned.
If he or his brother was guilty or not, was never established but a majority of the inhabitants in this little town, believe he was guilty.

A somewhat cynical and weary detective - Nicholas Ramm (Reidar Sørensen) - is called upon from Oslo and he arrives in this sleepy little town using somewhat unconventional methods to deal with this case.
However when trying to get some help from his colleagues and villagers he stumbles into a some opposition.
Some colleagues find him being somewhat bully and 'big', using methodes they find unnecessary sophisticated.
They are used to run their investigations according to a 'reliable' pattern and Ramms methods goes beyond their horizon.

When it comes to the villagers it's the same thing. They are unwilling to help and Ramm wonders why.
Are they scarred and if so, who do they fear? The brother they suspect being one of the guilty ones, the police or anyone else?
People also get more and more hostile versus Ramm and they try to undermine his moral, both mentally and physically, when he try to shed some new light over this event.

In the middle of all this, we found the younger brother of the suspects - Niklas (Gaute Skjegstad) - is constantly being harassed by both the children at school and older youngsters. He's being very bad treated and his mother seems to afraid to do anything about it, having all the villagers looking at them as 'that family'.

The end is dramatic and together with Ramm our suspicions are directed towards several persons in the village but who is the killer of the little girl and who is the killer of one of the brothers?

This is a very well directed film with extremely good acting.
The tension is gradually built up by small means. There are no extreme violence but the underlying hate and threats creates a tense atmosphere, as thick as the clouds from the volcano on Island right now.

This is the first time I've heard about the director Karin Julsrud but I'm very impressed by her work and I would like to see her make more films of her own but she has only made two films and most of her professional work has been connected with the production of different œuvres by others.
I hope she reconsider.
Two of my wifes (and mine) favourite actors participated in this film, namely Bjørn Floberg and Bjørn Sundquist .

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