torsdag, april 15, 2010

World leaders in Copenhagen, Henrik Montgomery and Galleri Kontrast

This is a photo taken by the photographer Henrik Montgomery (Scanpix), in connection with a workshop at the climate conference in Copenhagen, COP 15, in december last year (2009).

In this photo you are able to see some of the world leaders - notably European - gathered for a more informal meeting, more relaxed but at the same time somewhat tired, judging from their postures.
It's also an image showing these leaders in a rather fragile and unprotected situation.
If you happen to be in Stockholm you can see his photos at a photo gallery called Galleri Kontrast (see information through the link), beginning at 6.30 pm today.

On the same time they display photos by Pieter ten Hoopen.

Montgomery has won the cathegories The News Photo of the Year and The Photo of the Year 2010.

ten Hoppen won the category The Photographer of the Year 2010.

More about the environment later.

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