fredag, april 16, 2010


This volcano eruption on Island in Eyjafjallajökull, is quite amazing and impressing, at least as long as you're far away from the center of the action, so to speak.
One might think that this is something very unusal but according to a french volcanologist, this is not unusual at all.
What he meant by "nothing unusual" wasn't totally clear, as he didn't inform us if this happens several times per year or once every five years.
The fact that we take notice this time is of course because it's close to us in Europe and that it actually affects the air traffic both in Europe, the USA and Asia.
Discussions concerning possible impacts on health were answered with the establishment that it could have an effect on people being asthmatic but only if the smoke would continue 'invading' Europe, containing humidity created by the ice and snow embedded in the smoke.
According to the volcanologist, the eruption might continue a couple of days, weeks or even months (if I rembember correctly) but when the snow melts the humid smoke will be stopped and this might end the problems for the rest of Europe and the world.

The Icelandic population should of course be more worried than we in the other European countries as this affect them heavily.
In some areas people have been advised to stay inside and if they have to go out, they must or should carry gas masks.

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