torsdag, april 08, 2010

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

This film (sent in French television tonight) by Tim Burton circles around the figure Pee-wee Herman, created by Paul Reubens, who also is doing 'his' role as Pee-wee in the film.

I remember the name vaguely but Aurore reminded me about this figure - one of many - created by Reubens, entertaining children but making parents go crazy.
He's a androgyne person with a small tiny voice and a grey suite, reminding me somewhat about Klaus Noomi.

In this film his favourite gadget - a bicycle - disappears and he starts a nationwide search after this treasured object.
There are a lot of slap-stick-like humour and exaggerations supposed to be funny but I can't say that either the humour of Reubens or the mis-en-scène gave me big opportunities to laugh.
The Pee-wee figure is rather tiresome and even if Burton tries to create a burlesque humour - maybe à la Marx Brothers, Tati, Chaplin, Lloyd, Keaton - I can't say they succeed.
The most amusing scene is in a film studio where Pee-wee interfer in different film making projects biking around hunted by gards and police.

A lot of references to other movies and Burtons first 'real' movie one could say.

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