torsdag, mars 11, 2010

Cinéma Nordique

Today we are leaving for Paris and later on Rouen.

In Rouen we are going to visit the Nordic Film Festival, Cinéma Nordique, a film festival Aurore visited every year between 2000 and2004.

In Paris we are going to attend the meeting with the Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist (Known for the book Låt den rätte komma in or in English; Let the Right One In/Let Me In or in French; Morse), later adapted for the movies by Tomas Alfredsson.

A couple of exhibitions or at least one at the Cinématheque Française.

We are also going to meet my two first cousins once remowed, both living and working in Paris and having so done for ten respective fifteen years. In spite of them being around 35 years old, I have never met them before!

You can read about this on our joint blog.

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