torsdag, mars 25, 2010

Sture Linnér dead

Sture Linnér (Wikipedia in Swedish: Sture Linnér) was a diplomate during many years working close to Dag Hammarskiöld, Secretary-General of the United Nations (1953-61).
The same day Hammarskjöld toke the aeroplane in order to negotiate cease-fire in Katanga, a break-away state of Congo at the time, he told Linnér - who was with him that day - to stay at the spot where Hammarskjöld embarked, not going with him.
This saved Linnér's life.

Besides his diplomatic work, Linnér was also one of the foremost Swedish connoiseurs of Greek culture, professor in the greek language and literature.

Aurore and I met him in 2008 at the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm during an evening around the Greek poet Cavafy and his work.

We were invited by the former executive of the Swedish Institute in Paris, Carl-Henrik Svenstedt.

Aurore and Svenstedt knew each other from a mailing list and when Svenstedt needed someone to translate some parts in a book he had written (from Swedish to French), Aurore helped him with this.
Linnér was one of the speakers that evening.

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