lördag, mars 06, 2010

Vérification number one

Today I made a theoretical test at Auto Ecole Chauvet in La Châtre, concerning the different parts of the car, interiorally.
This meant finding different buttons and indicators and so on.

We were four persons, three young french women and me.

The problem is that I sometimes misunderstand or confuse different words referring to different functions on the car.

The test went well however and now I will wait until I get back from my visits to Paris and Rouen (11-21/3), for another four or five driving lessons, another theoretical test and the examination in april.

New rules concerning the examination has been launched, meaning that the inspectors very closely will look at our 'economical' or 'ecological' driving among other things.

(Photo car copied from: https://www.novaweb.fr/component/expautospro/detail/49229/nos-marques/citroen/ds)

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