söndag, oktober 31, 2010

Man in the attic

We tried to find a scary movie for Halloween through the site Headweb.com a VOD enterprise where Aurore once worked.

Among those we could stream for free - as she has a bonus she hasn't used - we finally decided for this one - Man in the attic - a 'Jack the Ripper'-story with another Jack as actor: Jack Palance.
Not at all a bad film even if it worked with some psychological clichées, like the man who from different reasons is morally upset by dancing- and singing women, displaying their legs and underwears to the audience.
Normally the stories about 'Jack the Ripper' leaves the viewer in the dark (not only in the cinema auditorium) but concerning who the man actually could have been, the doctor of Queen Victoria or other high society men etc etc.
In this film it seems as a clear case where we get to see 'the Ripper' and see how the love for a woman changes or rather changes him into another person.
It becomes a mix between the original story about 'the Ripper', 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' and 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Finally he disappears under water in the Thames but is he really dead or not?
Director: Hugo Fregonese.

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