fredag, oktober 29, 2010

iPad or not iPad

This summer one of the guests to the chambres d'hôtes/B & B of my mother-in-law, had an iPad and of course I wanted to take a look at this tool in order to see if I found it attractive and useful.
Before seeing or being able to try an iPad in reality, I always said that reading books on a computer or computer-like-tool, is nothing for me.
After having seen this iPad, I have to revise my opinion.
After having experienced reading long texts or books at an ordinary computer, I said that 'real books' can not be replaced.
I still don't think that 'real books' will be replaced - and certainly not in my literary world - but I'm now aiming at buying an iPad, when the economy allows.
This not in order to replace and throw away my books but when travelling I can always bring one or two pocket books but with an iPad I can chose from a 'library' and read more extensive literary works.
Of course there are a lot of other things I can use the iPad for but this most of you already know.

The guest displayed for me how the iPad worked and he let me use it on my own in order to discover its possibilities (maybe he was paid by Apple?).
For the time being there are not many books in the 'book store' but this application will of course evolve.
Being used to an iPhone - as we are, Aurore and I - using an iPad doesn't pose any major problems, being developed according to the same techique.
Below you can see some of the contestants to iPad but about them I have nothing to say as I have no experience what so ever from these tools.

Maybe you know more than me?


HP Slate (Steve Ballmer)

Fusion Garage Joojoo exists in the USA and is built on the
Linux-based opensource-system Ubuntu.

Lenovo Ideapad U1 is a small computer with a removable screen.

Dell Mini 5 (Streak).

Notion Ink Adam. Tablet with Android developed in India.

Asus Eee Pad.

ExoPC Slate.

Sony Viiv X70 with a seven inch screen, 3g and built on Windows.

Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Blackberry Playbook.

(All photos taken by Scanpix)

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Itsy Bitsy sa...

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