onsdag, november 10, 2010

The Dentist

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The 27th of October I broke a part of a tooth and called the dentists in town.

The first told me that he couldn't receive me until after New Year, in January or February, the second that she had a waiting-list so long that it would last 20 months(!) before I could come to her but I could of course sign on to the waiting-list if I wanted.

The third was a dentist my wife adviced against visiting as she had a bad experience of him.

Now it lasted only one dentist on my list, a dentist that my mother-in-law adviced against.
Well, I had to visit someone. I had no pain in my mouth but I didn't feel like waiting until it got worse.

I called him and to my surprise I got an appointment the day after!! Warning, warning!!

I came there and first of all the clinic stank cigarette smoke, though it came from a adjoining room and this in spite of the fact that French law forbid smoking in the workplaces, not least when working with health care!

In the waiting room I met a woman in the 50's and soon we were joined by a young woman who just came out from the dentists room.

The other woman entered the room and after a couple of minutes we heard her first moan but the moaning got worse and suddenly she screamed with pain while we heard the dentist try to shut her down:
"Shh Madame, shh...!"

The young woman looked at me in a desperate way and it looked as if she wanted to leave.

Then it was my turn and after some explanations concerning my name, not to easy to pronounce or write for the French, the dentist started the 'work' in my mouth.

Normally though, one examine the tooth, take an x-ray/exograph and then try to mend it.
He, on the contrary, started to examine my tooth, puting something into it and then took the exograph!

After this he established that the coralroots in my tooth wasn't totally cured and that he had to continue his work at another occasion.

After this visit I got a pain in my tooth, something that hadn't bothered me before.
Luckily - through my mother-in-law - I came to another dentist and he couldn't decide what kind of 'stuff' his colleague had put in my tooth but he examined it and put something else in the tooth, making the pain go away.
I will continue the work later on in November.

Now it feels better and I surely have more confidence in this dentist than in the other!

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