lördag, oktober 30, 2010

Vita frun ('Lady in White'), Arne Mattsson

In this film - 'Vita Frun' - by Arne Mattsson we find a group of people gathered to hear the last will of the patriarch in a family.
The declaration of his will leads to what seems to be a suicide but later on is proved being a murder but not committed 'physically'.
More murders and mystical appearances by the 'White Lady' evokes the interest of the detective John Hillman and his incompetent assistant Freddy (not Kreuger).
This is not at all a bad film but the end is somewhat abrupt and there I felt that Mattssons energy had disappeared.

Good actors (Anita Björk, Jan Malmsjö, Sif Ruud, Tor Isedal and Hjördis Petterson among others) and a performance by Olle Björklund, one of Swedens first and most well known TV personalities during the period when TV only had one channel and everyone appearing there became well known 'stars'.

The myth about the 'White Lady' ('Vita Frun') is in Sweden as in many other countries connected with predictions about death or fires.
In Stockholm the most well known 'White Lady' is Märta Helena Reenstierna, the so called 'Årsta frun' (read more about her through the link).

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