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This film - 'Bröllopsfotografen' ('The Wedding Photographer') - is made by Ulf Malmroos who also directed one of my mother-in-laws favourite films, 'Den bästa sommaren' ('A Summer Tale').

The film contains a number of clichées concerning differences between the 'upper class' and the 'working class' (if these social markers could be said being relevant today), people living in a big city (metropolis) and on the countryside etc. but on a whole it's a rather charming story.
Robin (Björn Starrin), a young man from the countryside, wants to become a succesful photographer and he's convinced that this could be done by taking care of everything around a wedding. The work as a wedding photographer becomes his dream.
When arrriving to Stockholm he finds himself working in an environment with people who can't accept him. They look upon him as a kind of 'redneck individual'.
He on the other hand, finds the wealthy, 'upper class'-people being very superficial, hiding their problems under a surface of happiness and success.
In the small northern town where he had lived and worked, he had met an actor called Jonny Björk (Kjell Bergqvist), who he had hired to perform at a wedding between Robins brother and girlfriend. When coming to Stockholm Jonny - reluctantly - becomes his mentor, for good and for worse.
Of course he falls in love with the sister to the bride - Astrid (Tuva Novotny) - both being the daughters of the succesful business leader Claes (Johannes Brost).
Astrid also works as a photographher and Robin tries to enroll her in his businessplans.
Robin adapts himself to the situation but this adaptation is not well received when coming back to his small town on the countryside, where they find him having become somewhat 'high-hat'.

The director uses three actors that also participated in 'A Summer Tale', namely Anastasios Soulis, Rebecca Scheja and Kjell Bergqvist.

As I participated as an extra in this film, I tried to find myself at the wedding outside the church but unfortunately I couldn't see myself, though I had spotted my face (and body) in a trailer.
This did not mean that I judged the film differently though! :-D

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