torsdag, januari 21, 2010

First day at the driving school

How come I haven't had a driving license and why do I need it now?

The answer to the first question is that when living in Sweden and notably Stockholm, I never had any use of a car, as I used the public transports like subway, buses, tramways and so forth.
As I've lived most of my life in Stockholm, I have never had to think about getting a driving license and this is of course something very positive from an environmental perspective and also from a health perspective.
I used to bike a lot and this in the center of Stockholm too.

In La Châtre, the need for a driving license is much more urgent as the public transports are insufficient.
Of course there are buses but they are not close to where I live and they depart and arrive very irregularly.
With these buses one can go to Châteauroux where there are trains departing to Paris and other parts of France. Châteauroux is however 36 or more kilometers from La Châtre which means it takes quite some time getting there.
If one work in another town in Le Centre, it might be necessary to change to another bus again and so forth.
Most offers concerning jobs have been situated at least 20-25 kilometers from La Châtre and therefore I feel obliged to have a driving license.

I don't have a car but I have the possibility lending one if needed.
I will however try to use the bike during the spring, summer and autumn.

My teacher has estimated that I need around 25-30 lessons. We'll see if this is correct or if I need more or - hopefully - less.

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