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Le silence est d'or

Chevalier - Le silence est d'or par RioBravo

This above film is made by René Clair and today I don't think there are so many ordinary cinema-goers in Europe or elsewhere - besides cinephiles and cineasts - who know or remember this film maker and his works.

This is a pitty as he has made a lot of interesting films starting 1924 with his first œuvre, Entr'acte to his last film Les fêtes galantes made in 1965.

During my film studies we saw Paris qui dort (Paris asleep) a film about a scientist who invents a specific ray that make Paris and all its inhabitants freeze in their movements when activating the beam.
This was a film that experimented with the cameras ability to create slow and very quick movements, creating a game with room and space.

This film - Le silence est d'or - almost becomes a 'ménages à trois'.
Emile, a french film producer is left in the house of a friend together with the daughter of this very same friend, Lucette.
He falls in love with her and tries to stop her from meeting other men as the old egoistic creature he is.
When a younger friend of Emile returns from military service things get more complicated.
The younger friend complains over his misfortune when it comes to women and in order to help him, Emile advices him to start doing business with women. So he does and who does he meet then.....? Lucette of course.
He falls in love with her and she with him.
In the role as Emile we see Maurice Chevalier.

It's quite an enchanting piece of work, though foreseeable and not at all Clairs most interesting film, though it was awarded some prizes at different film festivals.

Below 'Paris qui dort'

Paris qui dort par XLanig

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