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This film is a remake of an earlier 'L'emmerdeur' (1973), directed by Edouard Molinaro with Lino Ventura and Jacques Brel as the main characters.

This version (L'emmerdeur, IMdB) is made by Francis Veber in 2008.
In the leading roles we see Richard Berry and Patrick Timsit.
The story is amusing and it circles around two characters, one hitman (Richard Berry) and one suicidal man (Patrick Timsit) (and yes suicidal behaviour can be amusing) who both check in to the same hotel, however for different reasons.
As they live 'next door' to each other they become entangled in to their different life stories, something that changes them booth.
The hitman is constantly interrupted by the suicidal man who wants to talk or if not talking making suicidal attempts that fail, involving the hit man against his will.
The suicidal man becomes aware of the 'mission' his 'neighbour' has rented the room to execute(!) and this makes him try to interfer and stop him, partly making him forgetting his misery and thereby having a 'mission' of his own.

There are a lot of funny sequences even though there are no surprises in the plot.
Some having seen the older version, says they like that one better.
As I've only seen this one, I have nothing to say about that more than it might be due to the fact that when years go by one sometimes tend to idealize other versions as those actors, in retrospective, are very known to us today and somewhat 'mythical'.

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