söndag, januari 03, 2010

House of Frankenstein

Yes Boris Karloff is one of the actors in this movie but his not taking on the role of the monster of Frankenstein this time, that role is instead given to a strange actor, that is to say Glenn Strange.

In this film Doctor Gustav Niemann, together with the 'hunchback' Daniel, his 'assistant', escape from a prison where they are held.
Niemann promises Daniel that he shall help him move his brain to another body, that is more physically fit than his own. This after having done experiments on animals and their brains, 'knowing' that this is possible.
Never trust a doctor!

On the way they encounter a travelling carnival who is in possession of a skeleton of Count Dracula, who can be revived by removing the wooden staken from his chest. They kill the owner and Niemann and Daniel remove the stake and now they hope that Dracula will help them but he has decided to fool them, and so he does. Never trust a vampire!
When continuing their travel they meet with a 'gypsy' caravan and Daniel falls in love with a young woman in this group. Unfortunately the feelings are not reciprocal, even though she accepts him as a friend.
When arriving to the castle of dr Niemann, where he intends to continue with his experiment, they come across the monster of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, both frozen in ice but revived by dr Niemann.
The Wolf Man becomes the tormented Larry Talbot and the gypsy woman - with whom Daniel fell in love - falls in love with Talbot and so the story continues.

This is a very amusing film of course and one can't say that it becomes neither thrilling nor particularly breathtaking, something the trailer tries to make us think - of course.
It's as if it's made with the ambition to gather a couple of the famous 'monsters' and actors (Karloff and Lon Chaney) and in doing so it becomes somewhat of a 'cult movie', even though this term is to often used.

Director: Erle C. Kenton.

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