torsdag, juni 16, 2011

Bloomsday 1904/2011

Bloomsday is the name given to this day by those wanting to commemorate the author James Joyce and particularly his Magnum Opus (some would mention 'Finnegans Wake' perhaps) 'Ulysses' and the character Leopold Bloom in this very book. Leopold Bloom is the protagonist of Ulysses.

The event in this book toke place this very day in Dublin in 1904, or did they?
Bloomsday was 'invented' in 1954.

This is a very intresting book composed by different literary techniques and a kind of mind flow/stream of conciousness-writing, developed throughout the years by Joyce when teaching literature to his students - when not singing, drinking or writing.

Normally I dislike advices like: "The 1000 books you have to read before you die" or the like but in this case I would like to exhort you to read this book as it's a rather groundbreaking œuvre, not least stylistically.

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