söndag, juni 26, 2011

Billy the Kid for sale

This photo is said to be the only one left of Billy the Kid and it was sold at an auction in Denver, Colorado for 2,6 million US$. The buyer is ancollector by the name of William Koch.

The photo of 'the Kid' is taken in 1879 (the year my grandfather was born) or 1880, in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.
Billy the Kid had given this 'tintype' or 'ferrotype' (a sort of photographic tecnhique) to his friend Dan Dedrick and since then it has passed on in his family, only displayed once at a museum during the 1980s'.
The photo above depicts left from right: Dan Dedrick, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

(Photo copied from this site: http://www.svd.se/nyheter/utrikes/billy-the-kid-sald-for-17-miljoner_6274938.svd)
(Photo William Koch copied from: http://www.staplenews.com/storage/post-images/Billionaire%20Bill%20Koch-%20The%20Brains%20Behind%20A%20New%20High%20School%20In%20Palm%20Beach.jpg?
(Photo Dan Dedrick, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid copied from: http://www.truewestmagazine.com/jcontent/images/stories/June-2011/jun11_who_was_dan_dedrick_billy-the-kid.jpg)

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