fredag, april 29, 2011

Ludwig Wittgenstein

This day in 1951 one of the most interesting and maybe hard to understand-philosophers died, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

During my theological studies I of course came across the ideas of Wittgenstein and some extraits form his works, notably 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus'.

I'm no specialist in the thinking of Wittgenstein but he was a fascinating intellectual and many are the stories around him and his very few friends, among whom we find Bertrand Russell, of course.

One of the most funny but also perhaps misleading anecdotes is the one when Wittgenstein and Russell discussed what we actually are able to know and perceive as human beings.
This discussion is - according to Russell - said to have ended with the two philosophers arguing whether or not there was a rhinoceros in the room, leading them to crawl around the room looking for it.
This is taken from my memory, wherefore I can't promise that it's correct in detail.
Many people regard this story being idiotic and as such something that confirms that philosophers are dealing with questions of no common interest at all.
Personally I think it shows the contrary!

I share with you some Youtube-sequences displaying Anthony Quinton and experts discussing Wittgenstein and his thinking and writing.

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