onsdag, april 13, 2011

Library card in La Châtre

Now I've got a library card at the Library in La Châtre/Bibliothèques de la Cdc La Châtre, Sainte-Sévère:
The first books I loaned were: 'Légendes & Diableries du Berry' (Gilbert Laconches), 'La Petite Fadette' (George Sand) and...

...'Doppler' by Erlend Loe, an author I listened to at Akademibokhandeln in Stockholm a couple of years ago, when introducing this very book.


(Picture of 'Légendes & Diableries du Berry' taken from:http://r.kelkoo.com/r/fr/3012701/5101/90/90/http%3A%2F%2Fpmcdn.priceminister.com%2Fphoto%2F684470783.jpg/JDe3BuiTWdpjEmpT9vxpFYYazU8WOlK1BZnq4gfSyMc-)
(Picture of 'La Petite Fadette' taken from: http://multimedia.fnac.com/multimedia/images_produits/ZoomPE/9/1/7/9782070424719.jpg)
(Picture of 'Doppler' taken from: http://www.mediatheque-noisylesec.org/lf/wp-content/uploads/erlend-loe-doppler.gif)

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