söndag, april 10, 2011

Garizim and Johannes Hellman

I'm posting these pieces (above and below) of music as Johannes Geworkian Hellman is going to visit us the 14th and 15th of April.
Johannes is a member of the 'folk music' group Garizim.

We met Johannes a couple of years ago at the Medieval Restaurant, 'Sjätte tunnan', in the Old Town in Stockholm, where he used to play sometimes.
He is one of only seven or eight professional 'hurdy gurdy' ('vielle'/'vevlira')-players in Sweden and in order to develop his skill he is now - thanks to a scholarship - travelling through some countries in Europe in order to meet other musicians, play with and learn from them.

These recordings are not technically brilliant but it might give you an idea of the music they play. It's 'folk music' with a modern touch.
In a couple of weeks they will release their first CD and the 27th of April they are going to play at 'Stallet', Nybroplan in Stockholm.

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