fredag, mars 18, 2011

Stefan Jarl 70

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One of the most interesting Swedish film makers/directors today turns 70!

It's positive to see that some of 'the older generation' beginning their careers in the late 1960's is still going strong.

For most of you he is best known for his trilogy about the drug addicts 'Stoffe' and 'Kenta' in the films 'Dom kallars oss mods' ('They call us misfits'/'On nous appelle les mods', 1968); 'Ett anständigt liv' ('A Decent Life', 1979) and 'Det sociala arvet' ('Generation to Generation', 1993).

Besides this he has made a great number of very interesting and thought-provoking films, the latest one 'Underkastelsen' ('Submission', 2010), is a film about the environmenal- and health problems connected to all the chemicals surrounding us in our daily life, affecting our bodies (and minds?)..

In Sweden Jarl has been seen as somewhat controversial, not least among politicians and the bureaucracy, as is the case with the Swedish director Roy Andersson.
This because both of them have criticized the Swedish society and the way it has developed, not least throughout the 'Golden Years' - the first decades after WWII - under the Swedish Social Democratic Party.
Doing so is anathema in Sweden, more during the 1960's til 1980's perhaps but still the political leaders want the Swedes to believe that they live in a Schlaraffenland and everyone criticizing this image is almost Persona Non Grata!

Congratulations Stefan Jarl!!

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